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Psyche Qi Philosophy

Putting practice in perspective...


Having a gift clearly comes from having a need.

In our current age we see the brain being dismantled by drugs, alcohol, media and modern culture. The intellect and mind is being slowly taken by the increase of corruption and technological comforts. This form of energy control that is written in this short but yet life changing meditation method is not completely new to human understanding. Ancient civilisations knew of this control, and now I offer it back to you in a simple uncorrupt way. Psyche Qi is one of many energy manipulating complementary sciences that enhance some part of the human being, in this case, it is the brain. 

1.There are no deep and complexed procedures to learn.

2. 5 to 20 minutes a day depending on your time and effort.

3. Feel and realise real benefits from your first sitting.

4. Spiritualise your intellect beyond average.

5. Study a subject of your choice to complement and fulfil the needs of your growing intellect.

6. Study & meditate.

7. Master life. 

Death only represents the birth of a new season..

What is Psyche Qi Meditation? 

Psyche Qi Meditation is a form of meditation that increases the levels of Qi to the physical brain which then brings about extraordinary changes in perception, intelligence, wisdom and creativity. The terminology and phrase (Psyche Qi Meditation)=(sike-chee meditation) was developed to combine meaning and purpose to the form. Psyche = Mind, Qi = Life Energy with the applications of meditation and purposeful practice. This form of meditation offers a new way of seeing the world and our universe and it is better  practiced along side general education in the arts or sciences of your choice. Psyche Qi Meditation is a rich form of concentration and focus on the physical brain which will create physical sensations that can sometimes be uncomfortable within a few days of practice. In this form of meditation we focus on the two hemispheres of the brain and the frontal lobe or forehead until a measured sensation is observed. This sensation may be a ache, swelling, pressure or throbbing sensation. These sensations are no cause for alarm, in fact this is the sign that the Qi is building up in that area of the brain which will have major intellectual benefits when steadily practiced.  

The reason why the exercise suggest practicing Psyche Qi along with general education is because the steady practice of this method increases intellectual capacity and therefore we are obliged to use it in some way, otherwise the meditation is not utilised to its full potential. Qi is the current and flow of life force that is inherent in all things. We have Qi in our physical bodies, we can obtain it from food, it can be enhanced with focus and most of all, it can be directed according to our will and to our benefit. Qi is the force behind the way particles are patterned to organise and assemble themselves and has the motive to transcend its host to its highest degree. Electrical activity is the essence of life force and the electron is made from finer materials that have not been currently observed by science. These finer material forms fill the atmosphere, space and existence. When a qualified number of these energy units combine, they form an electron. Our brains are filled with electrons and enough electrical activity to power a domestic light bulb. When we are concentrating in Psyche Qi, we focus the concentration of electrical activity in the regions of our brain that go on to develop higher intelligence, perception, memory, awareness, wisdom and above human creativity. Electricity is truly a phenomenon that science wonders after, but yet it is harnessed for the benefit of technological advancement. Psyche Qi is no different, but we are harnessing the natural power of the electron to the advancement of the brain.

The founder naturally discovered the practice of Psyche Qi Meditation from personal mental health problems and years of practice along side numerous metaphysical qualifications from world leading schools. Psyche Qi  encourages you to practice daily from once to twice a day for between 5 to 20 minutes a sitting. Don’t be disappointed if you cannot commit all the time, practice organically and naturally around your current circumstances. You will be pleasantly surprised initially with the increased energy and less stress from life. Mental concentration is the distillation of electrical activity which is scientifically proven for the efficient function of the brain. With Psyche Qi, you can achieve the most advanced stage in your human life.

Brain Function

The brain is a highly organised network of nerves that communicate to each other and to the peripheral organs and tissues of the body through the nervous system. We have grown to become the most advanced creatures on the planet at harnessing the environment to our needs. This sophisticated manipulation of the elements is directly relational to the complexity of neural networks in the human brain. The brain has “plasticity” which is the ability to change according to brain usage and dominating tasks. Intelligent people may not be clever in all aspects of life, but they will have more neural density in the area of the brain they use the most. A London taxi driver has been scientifically demonstrated to have more brain density in the areas of the brain that correspond to spatial intelligence, or the ability for being able to find their way around in their environment. 

Brain function from a wholistic view is very simple, it is based upon prioritising the attention of Qi. Everything we do, think and say and in all our behaviour or cognitive processes, there is the flow of Qi either coming or going from us. When the brain is functioning on optimum levels, it has a high level of Qi moving throughout its nervous system. There are 5 primal brain activities that correspond to types of cognitive performance. They are listed as: 

GAMMA WAVE= high concentration

BETA WAVE= concentration (awake)

ALFA WAVE= relaxation

THETA WAVE= dreaming


The aim of Psyche Qi is to keep within the ALPHA WAVE state, which is in the middle of all the states. This will be noticeable when you begin to feel drowsy, and this natural drowsiness can be avoided by deep breathing when you feel the spell of falling to sleep. The deep breathing infuses oxygen into the brain and keeps it conscious. When you are conscious and aware in the Alpha wave state, you are learning to harness higher electrical brain wave activity which has the ability to stay with you when you tune out of meditation.  This is an advanced state of mind. A person with conscious awareness in Alpha wave will have heightened perception, abstract understanding and enhanced memory. 

Brain function is reliant on the will of the individual, and the will is directed by the personal and subjective needs of a person. If you do not have the need to grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally, then the practice of Psyche Qi will be difficult. Psyche Qi is for those who need to be intellectually spiritualised and upgraded to a higher level of personal evolution. Needs are the zeros in the binary code of a persons thinking, and represent an emptiness that program’s patterns of how a person should be fulfilled spiritually. In other words, your needs are unique and  this is where the individual who practices Psyche Qi should find a subject to master and complement their growing intellectual capacity and higher understanding. The subject you choose will no doubt be an interesting subject for you and should stimulate you to learn daily. The brain function of a person who practices Psyche Qi will indeed be in need of knowledge of some sort. Psyche Qi is mostly a solitaire practice but it has profound social intellectual benefits to the practitioner. 

What is Qi? 

Qi is the force behind the movement of all particles. Even matter that is not living and conscious will posses Qi. The electron is negatively charged and has many properties that are known for its power to amplify healing and mental health. This is especially true through negative ions found in nature and water falls. The electron is found in all states of matter to balance the opposing polarity of the protons which are positively charged.  Neutrons are particles that exist that have no charge and give added weight to matter. Qi is the current of life, it flows through us via our bodily chemical reactions and is also created by the human process of “intent.” Chemicals are made of molecules that vary in the amount of protons, neutrons and electrons. Hydrogen is the lightest chemical element with just 1 proton and 1 electron in its atom, iron has 26 of each in its atom, and the varying numbers create varying elements. Qi is the organiser of the whole periodic table including you.

Because our body is living, Qi is activated by continuous chemical reactions that create an imbalance in the number of electrons a chemical substance has in the body. Our nervous system and brain works this way, as well as every cell in the body. The nerve produces action potential that creates electricity and this is the ultimate sign of life. 

An action potential is a change in polarity across the cell membrane that is caused by ionisation. Ionisation is when the molecules in a chemical substance attract an additional electron and cause it to be electrically charged. Action potential happens in our brain when channels open and close as the membrane reaches the threshold potential in response to a signal from another neurone or nerve cell. Nervous tissue is created so that a pump like effect causes depolarisation and re-polarisation to occur creating a current of electricity moving down the nerve axon which is the cable between to cell bodies. This creates a change in polarity between the outside of the cell and the inside. The impulse travels down the axon in one direction only, to the axon terminal where it signals other neurones. When you “intend” to do anything, Qi is activated and created. Qi can be cultivated and harnessed by focus and targeted concentration on any part of the body. When we focus Qi, we are creating chemical reactions that cause the polarisation of electrons to accumulate. As the saying goes, “Where the attention goes, energy flows.” This is the ultimate expression of how Psyche Qi works. You are simply focusing on the forebrain and its two hemispheres until a measured sensation has occurred, which signifies the build up of Qi and its expression of healing, cleansing and potential. 

Qi is controlled by our attention and awareness. It follows the path of focus and does not take any other route apart from what you are concentrating on. This is ultimately how life works, if the energy did not flow in the direction we want it to go, nothing would happen, life would be in chaos. Qi is the cosmic glue that keeps the elements together, the student to keep focused on studying, the reason behind technology, and the birth of the most ultimate earthly tool, the human brain. Qi will pool like water and posses the object of the will. Qi is power and vitality, healing and purification. Qi also has an inherent universal intelligence that sorts, creates and reassembles broken substances hence why we heal. Qi knows what to do more than we do, it is a source of wisdom and information and it will teach you to become a master of life. Qi comes from divine origin alone and is our connection with the divine. This is the stance of Psyche Qi Meditation, it is a way of living consciously, connected and intellectually spiritualised. 

Developing Brain Power

Developing brain power with Psyche Qi Meditation takes the commitment of a lifetime. Psyche Qi Meditation only offers the fertility of mind and spiritual depth for the complementary education to start. You will find that you are better able to manage duties and handle the daily stresses of life easier, this credit also becomes more obvious as the years go by.  Psyche Qi is a brain enhancing technique that shows limited benefits without entering a form of learning, work, practice or discipline. You are a living being and you will see the benefits in your current life, and until you engage in a subject of your choice, Psyche Qi will simply make your life better and more rewarding by enabling you to integrate deeper with friends, family, work and what ever is currently dominating your life. The Qi will help you to master situations in life and you will often be called wise, clever, intelligent or deep. 

Psyche Qi is a exercise discipline, and you may want to know more about how it works. The discipline is easy to learn, but it can become a very complex subject when looking at how brain chemistry and the nervous system works. What ever subject you choose to compliment your meditation practice, it should be done daily like your meditation, if your feeling tired one day, then reduce your study accordingly. The practice of Psyche Qi develops a rich and fertile ground for learning, creativity, memory, comprehension and deeper perception. Psyche Qi strengthens all the faculties of the brain and with the practice of any subject, you will slowly excel to the top. The subject of your choice should be something you love and are naturally inclined to be compatible with. Any friction with your educational path will cause the Qi to point you in another direction. You will feel the urge to learn something you can identify with and this will ensure your mastery. Qi is a inherent cosmic intelligence that will guide you to your subject for your survival, in the same way it ensured the survival of man through the evolutionary process initiated by God. Qi is divine wisdom. When we harness this current of life and its creative power as seen in evolution, we will see that our souls are on a evolutionary journey to seek and find God, as Jesus said “Seek and you shall find”. 

Brain power is developed by learning, practice and discipline, but Psyche Qi offers the raw power needed for this to happen. A tree will not grow without soil, so the mind will not grow without a discipline.  Wether you choose an art or science or both, you are using the fertile soil of the Qi that is becoming stored in your physical brain with the practice of Psyche Qi. The Qi starts to accumulate over time and pool within the physical brain leading to higher brain functioning and greater environmental control. You will find that you are more emotionally connected and mature, with greater empathy and deeper connected with the people in your environment. This maturity can often cause you to be a person to which people will come for emotional, social and psychological advice. Your next ambition will naturally cause you to teach this method to friends. 

In martial arts, theory must go with practicality, the same is true with Psyche Qi Meditation, you must meditate daily along side a daily discipline of learning. The two go hand in hand like parent and child.  The Qi is the parent, leading you to self mastery, soul evolution and you are simply an intricate combination of memories that make you, you. Qi takes these memories and combines them in more advanced ways, making you more advanced in your life on Earth and in your life to come. Ascending masters must start somewhere, and the evolutionary worlds are our starting point to experience the secrets of the greater cosmos. Your wisdom will eventually be needed in the cosmos, the journey starts today. 

 Extra Sensory Perception 

Psyche Qi causes the accumulation of Qi in the brain and this will lead to some extraordinary abilities. When Psyche Qi is focused on the forehead you build up the Qi in the frontal lobe which is associated with most of the dopamine sensitive neurones. The dopamine system is associated with reward, attention, short term memory, planing, motivation and personality. Deprivation of nutrients to the frontal lobe reduces dopamine activity in the frontal lobe and this is directly related to poorer performance and inefficient functioning of that brain region during working memory tasks. Also, nutritional deprivation of the brain offers a slightly increased risk of mental illness and personality defects which can go onto creating poor relationships in life. With Psyche Qi, you are pushing Qi  to the part of the brain which controls the major human functions of planning and prediction, memory, motivation and personality. 

You will find that the accumulation of Qi in the frontal lobe will give you a leading edge in predicting outcomes, being happy, buoyant and self motivated, advanced memory and deeper perception. Dopamine is also an information processing brain chemical and the stimulation of Qi on these types of neurones that create dopamine will create greater processing ability. Extra sensory perception develops in proportion with Qi in the brain. If for some reason your brain utilises Qi in the visual cortex which is responsible for the interpretation of vision, you will begin to see more deeply into reality. 

Again, ESP is a subject in its self, and can be learned with practice. You may want to pursue a career in metaphysics to develop ESP and other metaphysical properties. All ESP is a sensitivity to a broad range of energies created by the electromagnetic spectrum, chemical and kinetic forms. Every person will have their own unique way of connecting with deeper and finer levels of reality, but ultimately, it is the build up of Qi that makes it possible for sensitivity to be established. A person with no Qi is dead, a person with 50% Qi is living, a person with 100% Qi is part god and part human. When Qi focused at the brain it is the pinnacle of human intellectual initiation and the beginning of the next level of human brain development. Qi travels and occupies its host to develop and sustain growth in that system. When we move this energy in the direction of the brain, we become illuminated with psychic gifts that are waiting to be developed. 

Psychic gifts are either born through trauma, love, needs and callings. Psychic gifts are there to accompany and serve the reasons for your existence. When you start to compliment your meditation with learning, you will find that you become psychic in the field you have chosen. The word “psychic” is a word to describe the faster processing power of the brain. You will grow and develop into a natural storeroom of information that can predict outcomes before they happen in your field. Your psychic gift is compacted in your learning like a baby in the womb. With practice and educational discipline, this is where you will start to grow your gift. With Psyche Qi, your learning will enable a steady growth until you are no longer at the mercy of teachers, but rather at the feet of the divine. The fountain of physical life is in Qi and it comes from a living and loving God who wants His most God hungry being's to survive and go on to become masters themselves. 

ESP is a real science, because there would be no human civilisation without it. ESP is responsible for every invention, creation, human establishment and every great landmark of the human age. Qi makes this development and creational sustainability possible by moving us into higher forms of ideas, concepts and synthesis of knowledge. We owe it to our Creators and to the world to grow into beings with high ESP ability so we can better understand reality and where it's taking us. 

Connecting with Wisdom

Qi flows in spiritualised intelligent ways leading to whatever we direct this force to becoming able to heal, advance, grow and transcend. There is wisdom in evolution, it was not a spontaneous event as scientist believe. When we harness the creative nature of Qi we also connect with its organising higher wisdom that pervades life. Qi naturally wants whatever life form it lives in to transcend, grow and evolve. This wisdom can be harnessed today, all we need to do is direct the current through focused attention to the desired part, the Qi will do the rest. Connecting with wisdom is allowing Qi to flow through you so it can teach you the higher aspects of life. Wisdom and Qi are inseparable, but wisdom comes before Qi and it will always be this way. Wisdom allows Qi to sustain and balance its power. Wisdom dictates the balance of Qi in our universe, the light and dark, the yin and yang, the electron and proton. Without wisdom we would cease to exist and would simply be a non living form of matter. Wisdom will grow in your life with the practice of Psyche Qi Meditation, leading to a greater and more dynamic life experience. Channeling Qi is not hard, but it takes time to build up. Over the years you will experience moments of enlightenment, insight and revelation that will place your life on yet another level of existence. You will not need to compete like your peers, you will see the vulnerability in people including the so called strong, you will see yourself change over the years for the benefit. Wisdom is the virtue of any moral creature and you may have realised that animals can be intelligent, but not wise. Wisdom is only for being's of moral grading and who know the moral concepts of what it is to live, animals can't do this.  Because you are a moral creature, you have the ability to be wise and wisdom supersedes intelligence. 

Wisdom is the highest of all the virtues given in our evolutionary development initiated by our Creators. Wisdom means that we can consciously choose to self destruct or self create, and also to consciously recognise that we have a soul that is effectively part of something that is bigger than the material world. We see that wisdom is the greatest human nurturer and counsellor and this is the essence of the same Qi that brought us throughout the evolutionary struggle, leading, guiding and illuminating us with progress. Wisdom uses Qi to establish worlds as well as bodies and vegetation. We must remember that every time we go into mediation and direct Qi, we are officially directing the creative methods of the gods in us. 

Over time and regular practice, you will change. Even if your progress in not entirely noticeable, you should keep practicing and applying the education of your choice. You may want to move from subject to subject to accumulate wisdom in varying areas. This has its pros and cons but any educational investment will eventually pay dividends. Time, patience and practice are the keys to Psyche Qi Meditation. Growing in wisdom is a choice that animals don't have. Living with the freedom to choose  is a gift from God through the evolutionary process, and we are the creatures with the highest degrees of freedom on our world. With greater choice, comes greater intelligence, until at a certain growth stage in our human development where we became morally aware. This is the biological and spiritual engineering power of Qi. 

Applying Psyche Qi Meditation 

To apply Psyche Qi Meditation follow the following routines daily: 

1. Find a comfortable place to sit, making sure your spine is fairly straitened.

2. Take time to compose a restful position before closing your eyes. 

3. Close your eyes.

4. Take five deep breaths to oxidise the brain cells, and take a few deep breaths every two minutes or so to prevent falling to sleep and also, to pump Qi to the area of attention. 

5. Bring your full attention to your forehead and breath in deeply and then out through compressed lips until a pressure starts to develop in your head. 

6. Press your finger on your forehead to give you a target area for the first few seconds.

7. If your attention wanders, it's ok, just refocus and bring the sensation back to the forehead.

8. Keep the pressure there as long as you can.

9. Move the pressure to the left and right hemispheres of the brain if you can, this takes practice.

Disengage when you have a moment without pressure. Pressure will come and go with concentration and arising thoughts. 

Open your eyes and throughout the day engage in learning about life! 

Repeat daily. 

Pressure represents the build up of Qi and this begins to accumulate with regular practice. 


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