Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 14

The Law of Conservation

The law of Conservation is a scientific principle. It means that all the energy in the universe remains at the same amount. This means the energy can’t be created or destroyed but only “transformed” and recycled into different things. This is the scientific law behind the Psyche Qi Meditation principle called the Resonance Reflex. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 15

The Resonance Reflex

The Resonance Reflex is a term created by the founder of Psyche Qi. This means that when your body and mind is in relaxation, the left over energy from the mind and body become transformed and recycled into spiritual energy. The Resonance Reflex has a powerful positive effect on your mental and physical health. This principle is based on the scientific law of conservation. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 16

Time & Power

As you continue to practice Psyche Qi Meditation, your subconscious mind will become more efficient and effective at sorting out life's problems. You will find that you have more "time and power" to do things because your mind is working better. You will find that stress will begin to lessen in your life and ability will take its place. Psyche Qi Meditation works against stress, which can slow the individuals progress down. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 17

Sublimation therapy

When you practice Psyche Qi, you will naturally lose concentration on your forehead. This will be due to thoughts that arise from your subconscious mind. When thoughts emerge from your mind, simply observe them and release them. When you do this, you are helping the subconscious mind to become more efficient by allowing it to express and free trapped thoughts. This has a cleaning effect on your mind. This mind cleansing effect is called catharsis in the world of psychotherapy and is very good for helping you to live more successful. The word "sublimation" is a word used to mean "the expression of emotions." 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 18

How to I sit?

Comfort is essential in Psyche Qi Meditation. You can meditate on a chair or armchair as long as your back is quite straight. You should never practice lying down. Lying down can confuse the brain to think that your going to sleep or can confuse sleep time with meditation. Keep them separate by sitting upwards. Ideally, your feet should touch the ground, but it's ok to have them elevated or on a foot stool. Ideally it's good to practice in the same hotspot, but life may make this impossible sometimes. As long as you won't be disturbed then anywhere is ok. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 19

The nature of intelligence

Psyche Qi Meditation helps you to harness life force in your brain through your concentration. This life force wants your brain to progress and evolve. The natural repercussions of daily Psyche Qi exercise is greater control over your life. This is the meaning of intelligence in Psyche Qi Meditation. More Intelligence causes you to achieve your goals in less time by using more creative methods in life. Intelligence has to work against other forces to reach its objective. For this reason, nearly all objectives take some amount of time, but this can be lessened drastically by the higher functioning mind that Psyche Qi Meditation creates. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 20

Modifications of lifestyle

Psyche Qi Meditation will gradually change your perspective in life. Life will mostly seem more enjoyable and more of a healthy challenge. This change in perspective will gradually modify your lifestyle and how you interact with friends, family, money, your body, work and your environment. The modifications in lifestyle are a natural response to your mind becoming more capable. Your perspective has its foundation within the subconscious mind. When your subconscious mind is being cleansed by meditation, your life will become more functional and happy. Your brain chemistry also changes for the better as a response to a healthy subconscious mind. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 21

Natural daily practice

There is no need to force Psyche Qi Meditation. Let the exercise come and go in your life according to current commitments and circumstances. Daily practice is recommended but it is not essential. If you have a daily practice, then this signifies that you are mastering your circumstances. Daily practice is the final goal, but don't be disheartened if your life cannot afford the time. Make Psyche Qi Meditation a personal practice that moves comfortably and naturally around your life. Psyche Qi Meditation shouldn't be a burden, but exactly the opposite. Psyche Qi Meditation is your personal time to put life back in order through the progressive power of Qi. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 22

Learning how to complete Psyche Qi inductions with students.

There are many benefits of purchasing your recognised Psyche Qi Meditation certificate. The main advantage of our accredited certificate is the opportunity to teach the simple meditation exercise to others. You will teach people the Psyche Qi ABC in an appropriate setting like your home or the clients home. Your certificate allows you to charge your current national minimum wage per student induction. Apart from the compulsory requirement to teach the ABC, you must also master a personal way of explaining the lifestyle benefits and the therapy it gives to each person. You can do this by explaining how it has helped you and what meditation has done for your wellbeing. Personal experience is the best advertising method for the Psyche Qi teacher, so build your practice experience before you start to teach Psyche Qi inductions. To teach, you must be a confident speaker and good at empathising. You can use this very website as your teaching aid which covers everything you need to teach in the induction. Any questions from your student that is outside the lesson instructions will have to be carefully managed by you. This is why you must have some confidence and experience beside you. Teaching can be a very rewarding experience with new people as well as with friends and family. You can purchase your certificate which entitles you to charge a small fee (national minimum wage) for every induction. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 23

Teaching an individual

There maybe times when someone has noted how well your living with others and your environment. It's always a good idea to have a business card to give to someone who seems to be struggling in life. When you have made personal progress of your own, you can then become a mentor to another person. Psyche Qi naturally makes you into a wise and loving counsellor. Remember that there is never a need to pressure anyone to meditate, all you have to do is tell them that you can teach the meditation ABC and leave them with the choice to contact you. You will be surprised at the amount of people who hang onto the business card for years. Your Psyche Qi Meditation teachers certificate will authorise you to charge the current national minimum wage per induction for your time to teach. Charging for your teaching time is optional, but it should never exceed your national minimum wage for the induction. All you need to teach is on this website along with some of your personal experience of Psyche Qi Meditation and your teaching aid sheet which will be sent to you with your certificate through the post.


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 24

Knowing what to teach

Teaching is simple. Teach the Psyche Qi ABC to anyone who needs personal help with their life. You will be using these lessons on this website along with your teaching aid in the induction. Psyche Qi is personal because it's working with you! People who practice Psyche Qi may be exercising the same meditation method, but no one has the same life. Your life problems could be quite different from someone else's. This is why the founder of Psyche Qi has written much about empathy. Empathy means that you should put yourself in another persons shoes. Meditation should never be forced, your life should be an advertisement of the ability of Psyche Qi Meditation. Empathy is ultimately a perfect method to help and teach someone who is suffering. You can find and fill in your knowledge in the "More Information about Psyche Qi Meditation" section at the bottom of the home page. The Psyche Qi ABC is easy to learn, master and teach to anyone. Refer anyone to the Psyche Qi ABC to transfer your knowledge of meditation. Teaching meditation will definitely not make you a millionaire, but it can be a very rewarding pass time for your personal experience and development. Buy your low cost teacher/practitioner certificate to get started in the practice. Psyche Qi Meditation has changed thousands of lives by helping them becoming more of a functional human, it's a mental exercise that offers great psycho-spiritual hope.


Your recognised certificate..

Socialise your life in teaching..

1. Practice the Psyche Qi ABC

2. Grow as a mind

3. Socialise your mode of living 

4. Start to attract students 

5. Make a new community of friends 

Socialise your mode of mind and living..

A healthy subconscious mind naturally attracts positive things, circumstances and people. Devotion to humanity through empathic services place you above the average in your society. As your mind starts to become efficient, you will automatically have more patience and time for difficult people and the hurting soul. Then you will know it’s time to share what you have discovered..

Your certificate will have the name on your billing details.