1. Learn Psyche Qi 2. Donate what you want! 3. Get certificate & Lessons!

1. Learn Psyche Qi 2. Donate what you want! 3. Get certificate & Lessons!

1. Learn Psyche Qi 2. Donate what you want! 3. Get certificate & Lessons!1. Learn Psyche Qi 2. Donate what you want! 3. Get certificate & Lessons!1. Learn Psyche Qi 2. Donate what you want! 3. Get certificate & Lessons!

Psyche Qi meditation is becoming the most popular mental health exercise in the world! 

Stephen Ebanks: British School of Yoga Meditation Teacher

Psyche Qi Meditation is for Everyone


This method of meditation is not complexed to learn and is highly effective for bringing out your creativity and natural intelligence. It was discovered by a student who had severe mental health problems. This student wrote this course and is teaching meditation and the Psyche Qi Philosophy to people all over the world! 

How Psyche Qi Meditation Can Help You!


Daily Practice of Psyche Qi Meditation can help with the following mental health problems:

1. Depression: By naturally balancing the level of Serotonin.

2. Lack of brain power & Intelligence: by naturally balancing the level of Dopamine.

3. Stress, Anxiety & Mania:  By naturally balancing the level of GABA.

4. Lack of love & Pleasure: By naturally balancing the level of a Oxytocin

5. Brain cell death: By naturally increasing the level of Growth Hormone.

These are just a few of the benefits of Psyche Qi Meditation.

See the Difference...

Regular practice improves all of the physical brain functions and causes them to become balanced.

The "ABC" meditation is clear and simple. Thanks for spreading ABC Meditation. I can feel the response immediately. I will continue this henceforth.

Krishnamurthy Srivatsa (India)

Regular practice of Psyche Qi Meditation contributes to effective financial, social and spiritual life. This is because of the powerful psychological health features it produces. With just 5 minutes a day or longer, you will feel like a different person. It's simple, so simple it's even boring sometimes! But the psychological benefits are second to none...

Wendy (South Carolina)

The feeling of being in control is worth 20 minutes a day. I feel more together and balanced. My work life and social life has become smoother. Thank you.

Joshua (Canada) 


What is Psyche Qi Meditation?

Join thousands of practicing Psyche Qi Meditators!

This is a form of meditation that increases the levels of Qi to the physical brain which brings about extraordinary changes in perception, intelligence, wisdom and creativity. The name Psyche Qi Meditation (Psyche Chi Meditation) was developed by the way it was practiced.

Psyche Qi Meditation is simply the application of gentle focus on the physical brain and forehead until a slight sensation is measured. This sensation may be a ache, swelling, pressure, tightness or throbbing sensation. These sensations are no cause for alarm, in fact this is the sign that Qi is building up in the brain which will have major brain enhancement benefits when steadily practiced. 

When you are practicing Psyche Qi, you are channeling a divine energy into your brain. This goes on to develop higher intelligence, perception, memory, awareness, wisdom and above human creativity. The practice encourages you to sit undisturbed from once to twice a day for between 10 to 20 minutes. Simply focus your attention on your forehead with eyes closed and breath  gently through compressed lips.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the increased energy and less stress from life. Gentle focus and breathing channels Qi to the brain which supports its efficient function. With continued Psyche Qi practice you can achieve the most advanced stage in your human life.


The lessons are to help you and the practice to grow! 

Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 1

What is meditation?

Meditation is an advanced state of mind that is activated by simply closing your eyes. Meditation is the relaxation of brain activity which opens up the subconscious mind without falling asleep. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 2

What is Psyche Qi Meditation? (Sike Chi Meditation)

Psyche Qi meditation is an mental exercise  which increases the amount of life force to the physical brain. This is done through the Psyche Qi ABC Principles. It is very simple and highly recommended to practice and teach to others who need help with lifestyle progression. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 3

What is Qi? (Chi)

Qi is a name given to “Life Force.” Qi’s only motive is to progress, heal, live and become more advanced. It is the divine force behind all evolution and the reason for complexed and balanced development. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 4

What's does Psyche mean?

The word Psyche means “Mind.” When we put the words Psyche Qi Meditation together, we start to see that this is the practice of the advanced development of the mind. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 5

How will Psyche Qi Meditation help me?

Psyche Qi will help you in your overall lifestyle including the financial, social, biological, psychological, spiritual and emotional development. Psyche Qi does this by fine tuning your subconscious mind and causing balance between you and your inner and outer environment. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 6

Is Psyche Qi Meditation a religion?

Psyche Qi is not a religion. Psyche Qi is a basic mental exercise with added information to help you grasp the idea of how it works. It's a unique mental exercise that will enhance your natural ability to grasp higher concepts in your own personal religion. The added information is a balance of philosophy, spirituality and science. This mixture of subjects is classified as Metaphysics. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 7

Misconceptions about meditation

Meditation does not mean any of the following: 

A. Sleep

B. Stopping thinking or thoughts 

C. Mind loss

D. Losing control of self

E. Mind numbing 

Psyche Qi Meditation is exactly the opposite from all these misconceptions. 


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 8

Practicing and teaching the ABC

There are some Golden Rules in Psyche Qi. If you are planning to practice or teach, then the ABC is all you need to know to start your journey. The ABC Principles are what Psyche Qi Meditation is in a simple method. Until you understand more about Psyche Qi from personal practice and experience then memorise and teach this simple formula. Only teach what you are confident in teaching. At first, stay with the ABC. 



Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 9

Psyche Qi ABC

The Psyche Qi ABC is the central exercise that you will build your own personal meditation practice around. Please make Psyche Qi Meditation your own personal practice. You can modify the ABC Principles slightly to fit yours or someone else’s personal comfort. The founder of Psyche Qi understood the need for your personal comfort to make it more attractive to all. As long as the ABC points below are followed, then your practicing Psyche Qi:

A. Alpha Wave 

B. Breathe (through compressed lips)

C. Concentrate on your forehead


A. Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 10

A is for the Alpha Wave state of mind

Your brain has electrical pulses moving through it in cycles. When you close your eyes, these electrical cycles begin to slow down after a few minutes from over 14 cycles per second to around 7 cycles per second. This frequency of electrical activity in the brain is called the Alpha Wave. This is when your subconscious mind is activated. Have a quick practice now. Close your eyes. 


B. Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 11

B is for Breathing

After a few minutes with eyes closed, you can begin to take 3 to 5 deep breaths from the bottom of your belly. Breathe in through the nose and out through (compressed lips). Compressed lips means that you are purposely keeping your lips together while breathing out through them. This is a necessity in Psyche Qi for at least 30 to 60 seconds and then go into relaxed breathing. Have a quick practice now. Breathe in deeply through the nose and out through compressed lips.  


C. Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 12

C is for Concentration

Qi (Chi) flows in the direction of your concentration or focus. After you have closed your eyes, start the breathing exercise along with your focus on the forehead or head. Concentrate on how your forehead feels. You will soon start to feel sensations in and around your head. This is the flow of Qi. Exercise the ABC Principles together. Have a quick practice now. 

A. Alpha Wave: Close your eyes 

B. Breathe: Through compressed lips

C. Concentrate on your forehead 

These ABC principles are the essence of what you will teach others as well as practice yourself. Please memorise the Psyche Qi ABC.  (Sike Chi ABC)


Psyche Qi Meditation: Lesson 13

How long do I practice?

A minimum of 5 minutes is needed just to be warm in Psyche Qi. 20 minutes is a good daily exercise. Practice can be as and when you feel the need during the day. Practice will also be around current life commitments. Two of the best times to practice meditation is 2 hours before and after sleep.

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